Welcome to a mischievous, sensual sadist, who enjoys riding the wave of eroticism while conducting a session on a slave, submissive, naughty boy, or sissy slut.

I thrive on all forms of Role-play scenarios finding them exhilarating, to play out.

They carry an element of surprise, fun, excitement, and playfulness, so much so that I derive immense mental euphoria in My Role that it allows Me to delve deep within the BDSM fetish fantasy world, to extract similar euphoria for you, the slave, submissive, or naughty boy, all of which is obviously buried deep within your own psyche and mind.

I adore summoning a slave, a submissive's, naughty boys, or sissy sluts, and relish the build up of anticipation, that is created and experienced by the participant when summoned by Me.

The prior Whats Aapp's leading up to the day of reckoning all play a part of the erotic fantasy you will experience.

Personally, bdsm and fetish are a sensually erotic dance of the fantasy role-play scenarios that carry endless possibilities.

These unlimited erotic imaginations allow one to create a fantasy world with so many erotic avenues to explore, all of which I can transform into reality for you.

I also conduction sessions without any role-playing scenarios in them, My interpretation, & understanding, of this would be more sensations play.

Public humiliation sessions in the real world is an adventure all on its own, and I would have to know you quite well before I would venture out to explore these with you.



to find out more about this.

My services are solely Professional BDSM and fetish related, I am by no means seeking a Personal slave.

I adore my life just the way it is, loving the freedom, space, and flow, to enjoy other aspects of Self.

Luxuriously enjoying my week ends to rejuvenate my body, mind and soul with all my other creative

endeavours that feed my body, mind and soul, with inspirations and vigour.

My bdsm and fetish Interest are.

Domination, Bondage, 

Discipline, Fantasies,

Fetishes, & Roleplay Scenarios.

My sessions range from Slight, Medium, to Heavy, sessions play.

I am looking for BDSM fetish subjects who fit the following specification and criteria.

To serve Me Professionally. 

1. Who are respectful and sincere

2. Who have a willingness to learn

3. Who are creative

4. Who are honest

5. Who give Me honest feed back a day later after a session with Me and have no expectation or perception of the role I should be playing or being in the dynamic.

6. Who are willing to explore all aspect of the scene with Me if they are novices to pin point what their real fetishes are / Or state that the would like to develop and focus on one particulate fetish only.

7. Who are willing to grow in the professional BDSM with Me.

8. Who know that BDSM is a platonic relationship that they share with their dominate.

9. Who knowns that I will never disrespect their privacy and will not disrespect mine. 

10. Who are caring emphatic and understanding and in tune with their own feminine energy .

11. Who will trust Me from the word go and known that they will be kept safe in hands. 

12. Who will understand and respect Me as the Dominate to keep them safe in the dynamic when I see that they are booking a sessions on a weekly bases to see Me to make sure that they remain balanced in their every day lives and not for BDSM to become an addictions in their every day lives and to say thats not on you may only see Me twice in the month. 

If this resonates with you then you have permission to contact Me 


Monday to Friday: 9 am to 7 pm 

Saturdays:  9 am to 1 pm

Session Booking Number :


Private Numbers Will Not Be Entertained.

 Sessions Booking Email


What I don't offer is 

Brown showers, Hectic enemas, oral, nudity, or sex intercourse, asking Me will result in Me ending the call.

Or not replying to your email either.



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