"...and the mighty lord hath struck him, and delivered him into the hands of a woman...

" Professional Cape Town Dominatrix, Mistress Berlin. A true sadist, I am not your plaything, you are mine.

I am a cruel and heartless Mistress, to torture and humiliate you  Pleases Me Most. I also enjoy role play and dressing up. Novice slaves will be subjected to slave training so that they know how to behave in my presence. If you are unsure about the exact nature of your fetish, I will assist you to find out what you need.

Aspiring slaves may email me with details of their fetish and level of experience.

Slaves will be screened, I will only accept those with potential to Please Me. Good service will be rewarded. Bookings must be made at least one day in advance.

I do not offer: Medical play, age play (adult babies) scatting, sex or oral sex. 

I don't entertain drugs and alcohol and I demand that slaves are well mannered and treat me with utmost respect. Those who do not adhere to my high standards of conduct will be removed from the premises.

I do not undress, and I don't engage in sex with my clients. Don't ask, I will be offended.



Serve me if you dare.